Shorter Works (abbreviated list)



“Israel at 50: A Christian Perspective,” Tikkun, March/April 1998“Against the System:  Civil Disobedience and the Biblical Record,” The Mennonite, April 20, 1999. [Winner in the “Theological Reflection” category of the 1999 Associated Church Press Awards.]“British media reveal truth about bombing of Serbia,” Buffalo News, October 14, 2000.“Sobbing on the Stairs,” The Buffalo News, April 8, 2001.

“Settler Violence and September 11:  A Report from the Mean Streets of Hebron,” Tikkun, November/December 2001

Lettre á Oussama Ben Laden,” [Letter to Osama Bin Laden], Cahiers de la Réconciliation, no 3, 2003

“Red, White and Moo,” The Other Side, January/February 2002.

“Settlers’ strikes create cold fury,” The Baltimore Sun. January 3, 2002.

“Two other September 11s also are infamous,” The Buffalo News, August 25, 2002.

“Human rights activist not welcome in Israel,” The Buffalo News, December 8, 2002.

“A clash of views at the Canadian Border,” Buffalo News, April 6, 2003

Victims as Pariahs,” The Christian Century, January 24, 2006

Corporate Complicity in Congo’s War,Tikkun, March/April 2006

The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew and the heart of the Middle East,” The Christian Century February 5, 2007

Kurdish villagers are dying at the hands of a war we’ve all ignored,” The Independent, December 16, 2018


“Henry and Gladys,” The Door, July/August, 1994.“Critical Notes from the Journal for the Study of Berber Gnosticism: Abstracts of HN 1-10 (The Three Little Pigs),” The Door, May/June    1997.“Diaspora, Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing: Toward a New Vision of ‘Funny.’”  The Door, September/October 1999.“Appropriate to Adults,” The Other Side, March-April, 2000.


Column, “World Neighbors,” Mennonite World Review, 1998-2013.Column, “Christian Peacemaker Teams Round-up,” Geez Magazine, beginning in 2012.
Thirty-nine units of Bible curriculum and devotions for three different denominations written between 1988 and 2023. A more comprehensive list of publications is available here.

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