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Roy Moore and Woody Allen

This weekend Joy Reid with her typical serve-‘em-up on a platter interview style showed us that Roy Moore supporters are okay with having a child molester representing Alabama in the U.S. Senate

Mariel Hemingway was 16 when she started working on Manhattan. Allen tried to lure her away on a weekend trip to Paris after the filming. Her parents encouraged her to go, but unlike her character in the movie, once she found she would not have her own room she decided the invitation was creepy and said no.

But, my liberal film aficionados, are you planning on seeing Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel when it opens and comparing it to his other masterpieces over dinner with friends?

The same Woody Allen whose behavior toward his daughter Dylan, from the time she was two to three years old, a judge found “grossly inappropriate” and ruled in a thirty-three page decision “that measures must be taken to protect her?”

The same Woody Allen who essentially justified his pedophilia in what some consider his greatest work of art, Manhattan?

The same Allen who peppers his work with pedophilia and incest references? (Apologies for the erratic formatting on this site.)

You cognoscenti who judge the white evangelicals in Alabama for supporting a man who dallied after teenage girls in a mall — you are hypocrites if you think an artist’s comedic genius, his directorial brilliance somehow justify a selective amnesia on the part of your conscience. If you must see Wonder Wheel, so be it, but your penance is this: when you walk up to the box office, you have to say, “I am financially supporting a child molester.”