Chair of the Buchanan County, DCC endorses Not Biden

[I wrote this a few months ago for McSweeneys, before Elizabeth Warren was in ascent. They didn’t take it. ]

To: The Buchanan County Ohio Democratic Central Committe

From:  Betty Pannabecker-Garcia

Hello fellow Dems!  I know it’s early in the election cycle to be endorsing a candidate.  But one candidate running in the Democratic primary makes my heart star beating a little faster and start tallying up my posterboard and Sharpies budget at Michaels.   Not Biden is the nonbinary, multiracial, multigenerational, and bisexual candidate, I think, that looks like America and could get our country back on the rails.

Not Biden is a proud social progressive; they believe that all Americans have a right to affordable healthcare and housing; they at times have even called for a universal basic income.  Even better, they have a plan to make it all work out!  And having governed in California, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, Vermont, and Washington, which have large agricultural economies,  they understand the needs of people in rural areas like us.

As for their voting record, Not Biden’s is mixed; I don’t support everything they’ve supported, but they are the only candidate never to have voted for the Iraq War. They believe that women should have control of their own bodiesand they’re not so handsy-sniffy.  Also, I told my Uncle Ray a quarter century ago to stop telling my son that it’s his job to protect his sisters’ virginity and that’s not  something I’d appreciate in a president either.

As for the people who are saying that only Biden can beat Trump, remember that it was 78,000 voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsinwho handed Trump the White House.   We can get twice—four times that many people out with all the gifts that Not Biden brings to the table! 

And you know what I’ll be bringing to the table at next month’s meeting?  That’s right, my famous Pannabecker potato salad!  And Jorge will bring his mama’s chilaquiles.  Bring your own dish to pass, and I hope I can convince you over some good food that Not Biden is the way to go!

A collage of the 2020 Democratic Primary candidates